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Tube Sealing Machine

Features of Tube Sealing Machines:

Foot Operated tube sealing machine is best tube sealing machine of its class.

The Sealing height of the tube is easily adjustable according to the tube sizes.

Being A Manual Tube Sealing Machine its Sealing Quality is as good as Automatic Tube Sealing Machine for all tubes such as Lami tubes, Plastic tubes, Mono layer tubes .

In single stroke, machine is capable to seal two tube at a time

Greater performance with best quality tube sealing machine.

The Sealing of tube is done with the Hot jaw which has Stainless Steel Cartridge heater specially made for this machine.

The temperature of tube sealing machine is controlled with Digital Temperature controller for accurate and specific Temperature.

Our R&D team has developed a special Electronic Timer for making sealing operation very easy and user friendly.

The only Machine Available in the market which is recommended for laminated tubes as well as Plastic tubes.

Only Single Person is require for sealing.

The Ergonomic of the machine is so excellent that a person without any special skill  can operate the machine with comfort.

Technical Specification of Tube Sealing Machines:

Batch Coding Feature in tube sealing machine.

No special Change part require for changing the tube size.

Best part of the machine is that the power consumption is very low just 400 Watts.

The production of the machine is around 600-900 Tubes/hour.

This is easy to move and the dimension of the machine is

600 x 500 x 1200 (W x L x H) which can fit in any corner without taking much space.

Type of Tube Sealing Machine:

Basic Model RETS702

Pneumatic Model RETS702P

Applications of Tube Sealing Machine:

Foot Operated Tube Sealing Machine