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Tube Filling Machine, Automatic Tube Filling Machine, Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Machine, Semi-Automatic Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer in Kolkata, Baddi, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkatta

Tube Filling Machine

We are providing you with comprehensive range of various types of tube filling machines, which have found wide applications in most of the industries.

As we know that different sectors of industries will have different specifications, therefore, we have provided specific requirements as per the demands of our clients.

This range of high quality tube filling machine have incorporated properly laminated tube filling machines along with cutting, batch coding and sealing, aluminium tube filling, batch coding and crimping machine, along with cream and ointment filling machines.

Tube Sealing Machine

Well Laminated Tube Filling Machines incorporating Cutting, Batch Coding and Sealing:

We have achieved high popularity for providing cost effective as well as highly efficient properly Laminated Tube Filling Machines.

We design these machines from all best quality components that too under the supervision and guidance of expert team. Our technologically advanced wide range of properly Laminated Tube Filling Machines include housing of filling device and syringe pump, which is being provided with rotary piston. This piston has one of the blows off instrument, which is known as pneumatic tail cut-off system.

Our high quality machines will have high speed of filling maximum 50 tubes in one minute. In addition, our single head jacketed hopper will have maximum capacity of 40 liters. These machines will also have stainless steel spring, which is attached with changing parts in a single tube size.

Features of Tube Filling Machines:

This is one among the automatic Laminated or Plastic machine used for tube filling, having very high speed of operation and 12 Stations compact rotor.

The machine is of GMP model, which can be used to fill maximum 300ml.

All the contact parts of machines are designed with high grade and quality of stainless steel.

These devices have incorporated filling systems as bottom upwards and accuracy of such machines is approximately equal to +/-1%.

The height of the tube will range from minimum 60mm to maximum 250mm, while diameter may range from minimum 15mm to maximum 60mm.

The tube cup of this machine has designed with 304 grade of stainless steel.

Stirrer device of tube filling machine is capable of keeping the product consistently in homogeneous state.

Technical Specifications of Tube Filling Machines:

Filling Station: - Filling station has a hopper of maximum 40 kilograms capacity. This filling station also possesses cut-off valve, which can be connected with the filling cylinder. This filling cylinder has further equipped with facility of capacity adjustment. The delivery nozzle of filling station is being provided with pneumatic cut off system, in order to avoid dripping process.

Sealing Station: - The tube filling machine is being provided with pre-heating station and sealing station.  

Heating Station: - The heating station of tube filling machine has compressed with heated air for pre heating the selling area. After this, air from compressor is being heated inside the chamber. This heated air is further attached with tool leister of hot air. However, excess heat in this process would be undesirable. Therefore, for preventing this, Pneumatic regulator should regulate the air pressure, while temperature controller should be used to control the heat.

Sealing Station: - The sealing station of tube filling machine has been pneumatically operated, while the tube has been sealed with the help of special jaws. This station is also responsible for batch coding process.

Trimming Section -This section is responsible for trimming uneven ends of tubes.

Batch Coding Station: -Sealing Station of tube filling machines will also perform the function of batch coding.

Ejection Point: - At the point of ejection, the tubes will be ejected in automatic manner.

Output Obtained from Tube Filling Machine: - These machines are capable of providing maximum 2000 tubes in one hour that too from single head.

Electrical Specifications: - The tube filling machine has incorporated one horse power motor, which can be run at 1440 rpm Hindustan.


Pest Control, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic Items, Toothpaste, Facewash, etc.