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Shrink Wrapping Machine, Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacturer, Shrink Packaging Machine Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi, Haridwar Kolkatta

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Features of Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Shrink wrapping machine Consist of Special Stainless Steel Finned tubular heater for Lowest power consumption & Highest heat transfers.

Temperature is Controlled with the help of Digital Temperature for Accurate amount of heat.

Best Quality Shrink wrapping is obtained with  the help of heavy duty blower which provides sufficient amount of heat transfer.

Shrink  machine comes with the world class insulating material like calcium silicate or asbestos sheets on the machine panel.

The Conveyor rods of the shrink wrapping machine which passes from the hot shrink tunnel is coated with Silicon Tubes.

Shrink wrapping machine is Over backed with heat resistant power coating on Mild Steel Fabrication.

Selective Model of Shrink wrapping machine comes with Heavy-Duty DC motor with Gear-Box And Special Controller for Heavy Load Bearing Conveyor.

Special Seven Tank process Powder Coated Mild Steel Fabrication Body which make the shrink wrapping machine Heavy Duty And Long Lasting.

Our Shrink wrapping machine is widely used in India as well in international market.

Optional Accessories of Shrink Wrapping Machine:

VFD(Variable Frequency Drive)

Silicon Belt Conveyor

Silicon Coated Tube Roller Conveyor

Cooling Zone for Precision Shrink Wrapping

Fully Stainless Steel Shrink Wrapping Machine for Pharma

Applications of Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacturer Mumbai, Chennai