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Online Shrink Tunnel With L-sealer, Shrink Tunnel, Heat Shrink Tunnel Manufacturer, Exporter in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkatta

Online Shrink Tunnel with L sealer

Features of Online Shrink Tunnel with L Sealer:

Heat Shrink Tunnel & L Sealer both are fabricated in the same fame for High & continuous production.

Various size of shrink sleeves can be adjusted on the shrink Tunnel platform according to the size of the product.

Online Shrink Tunnel Machine is provider with Conveyor belt in L-Sealer Section for quick and effortless production.

Special high quality silicon sealing pad

For smooth Mobility shrink tunnel is mounted on Special heavy duty Castor wheels.

Sealing of Sleeves is done with the help of special timing controller.

Production Speed of Shrink Tunnel is  5- 12 packs/min.

Fabrication of Shrink tunnel with L sealer is done in Mild Steel with suitable angle and Power Coated making machine heavy duty for years of consistent productivity.

For Best quality shrinking, Tunnel is provided with three phase power supply for adequate Heat Transfer.

Shrink tunnel is provided with

Conveyor Rod is covered with best quality Silicon tubes.

Best Part of Shrink tunnel with L sealer is that it comes with Variable Speed drives which help to gain best quality Shrinking.

Product is automatically transferred from L-sealer to the shrink tunnel which saves time leading increase in productivity.

Shrink tunnel machine can also be made in Stainless Steel for Dairy and Food Industry where the best Hygiene level is maintained.

Applications of Online Shrink Tunnel with L Sealer:

Online Shrink Tunnel With L Sealer, Shrink Tunnel