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Shrink Chamber Machine, Shrink Chamber Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkatta

Shrink Chamber

Features of Shrink Chamber:

Heat Shrink chamber requires one operator Only.

Cutting, Sealing and Shrinking can be seen in single Process.

Shrink Chamber comes in reasonable Cost

Shrink Chamber take five minutes only for startup.

Single Phase Power Supply(15 AMP) it required for Shrink Chamber.

Easy working Platform to adjust various size of shrink Sleeves

Reduced electric consumption.

Shrink Chamber is one of the most Productive and Cost effective

Shrink packaging machine.

Shrinking Process is Clearly Visible to us.

Shrink chamber has two working options:-

1) Sealing only.

2) Both Sealing and Shrinking in one set.

Automatic Control on sealing timing.

Shrinking temperature is Controlled by digital temperature Controller.

Sealing pads are specially designed for high quality Sealing.

Models of Shrink Chamber:




Applications of Shrink Chamber:

Shrink Chamber Machine