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Rotary Shrink Wrapping Machine

Features of Rotary Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Rotary Shrink Wrapping machine is the best and latest machine for Printed PVC Shrink Labels.

The bottle is manually inserted in the shrinkable sleeve and then the bottle is loaded on the die fitted on the Conveyor, which then passes the heat shrink tunnel , simultaneously the bottle revolves around its axis and comes out with Best Quality Shrinking due Constant and Equal Heat Transfer.

Rotary Shrink Machine is a special purpose machine available only for  labelling shrinkable sleeves on the Pet bottle.

The Conveyor is made up of Stainless Steel.

Rotary Shrink Wrapping Machine has variable conveyor speed and also variable speed for blower.(either AC Drive of DC Drive Depending upon the Requirement)

The Combination of Variable speed  Conveyor, Variable speed Blower & Digital Temperature Controller together provides the best and Unmatched Shrinking Quality.

Applications of Rotary Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Shrink Wrapping Machine