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Pouch Packaging Machine, Pouch Packing Machines, Packaging Machine Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkatta

Pouch Packaging Machine

Features of Pouch Packaging Machine:

The packaging of granule, pastes, liquids, powder etc. requires special packaging. It is sold in form pouches by the food, chemical pharmaceutical, and other industries. The Pouch Packing Machine does this job easily. The pouch packing machine is also known by the term ‘Vertical FSS’ and used to fill and seal granular, powder, liquid and semi-liquid products.  It is also ideal for 4 corners sealed and center sealed pouches.

The machine does automatic completion of the products’ measuring, transferring, filling, feeding, and pouch forming, code& date imprinting and sealing and separating. The Servo-motor bag pulling structure of the machine is equipped with machine for efficiency. PLC control system, High precision photo sensor made of fiber optic is the technically advanced features of the Pouch Packing Machine which makes it exceptionally worthwhile. The chosen pneumatic and electrical machinery from a trustworthy international company makes this machine of international standards.

It features a preloaded operation menu on 5.7" touchscreen display, can easily set and change the packing parameter according to the product or displays daily production. The output and any sort of machine error (which is self diagnostic) can be clearly seen in its 5.7" touchscreen display. The PID temperature controls switch monitors temperature in between +I- 1ºC range. Its automated edge location control guarantees reliable film arrangement during making to produce consistent pouch quality.    The optional parts of the machine comprises Shaped pouch making tool, Gusset pouch making tool, Date code copier,  Pouch header opening puncher, Materials transport elevator, Fill out conveyor and housing made of stainless steel. The pouch packing machine has a Speed of15-50 pouch per minute, runs on 3.5kw power per hour and weighs 750 KG.

Applications of Pouch Packaging Machine:

Cosmetics, Mouth Fresher, etc.

Shrink Wrapping Machine



Sealing Type

3 Side Sealing, 4 Side Sealing, Centre Sealing


20  - 40 Pouches (Depending on Product)

Packaging Material

All type of heat sealable laminates

Bag Size(Width)

100mm - 250mm

Bag Size(Length)

50mm - 200mm

Dimension L x W x H (mm)

1000 x 800 x 2300

Approximate Weight

400 Kg