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Pneumatic Sealing Machine, Pneumatic Sealer, Pneumatic Impulse Sealing Machine, Pneumatic Direct Heat Sealing Machine Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkatta

Pneumatic Sealing Machine - Horizontal

Features of Pneumatic Sealing Machine:

Pneumatic Sealing Machine Horizontal is coated with epoxy powder and has fluctuating time cycle.

This machine has properly strongly fabricated mild steel body, for ensuring secured, safe and durable operation.

This machine takes an AC input potential of approximately 220V. Pneumatic Sealing  Machine has incorporated pressure gauge, master on and off switch and regulator, along with heavy-duty sealing transformer.

Hence, we can say that we always design our sealing machines according to the quality standards and prices demanded from modern industries.

Machines Body Establishment Pneumatic Impulse Sealing Machine:

The entire body is coated with Epoxy Powder.

The machine incorporates strong MS fabrication on the Body.

Electronic, Electrical & Pneumatics Pneumatic Impulse Sealing Machine:

Having Master enlightened on/off Switch.

Cycle Timing are not static, instead they are inconsistent

At the time of need, the Foot Switch gets Automatic activated.

Power Input of this machine is almost 220-Volt AC 50 Hz.

Pneumatic Operation (it range from zero to ten Kg's)

Regulator and Pressure Gauge are present.

Mechanical and Sealing Aspect of Pneumatic Impulse Sealing Machine:

The machine incorporates heavy duty sealing transformer

Impulse Sealing Type i.e. performs Direct Heat Sealing

As Per the prerequisite

Three sealing width option is available they are 3mm, 5mm Standard and 8mm.

Applications Pneumatic Impulse Sealing Machine:

Pharmaceutical, Textile , Cosmetics, Flour Mill, Food Products, etc.

Pneumatic Sealing Machine Horizontal Model, Sealing Machine, Pneumatic Sealer