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Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid Filling Machine is able to fill different size of bottles and pouches according to the requirement with change parts.

This Liquid Filling Machine gives perfect & Accurate Filling Quantity (+/- 1%)

Fabrication of Liquid Filling Machine is in Stainless Steel 304 or 316 with Mirror finish.

Semi-Automatic Filling Machine does not require any Maintenance and Only one Attendant is require to operate this machine.

The Syringes & Nozzle is made in Stainless Steel 304/316.

Fabrication of the machine is rigid making the machine vibration-free & Trouble-free Performance.

Syringes are operated with Cam to draw Correct amount of liquid & Fill the liquid through tube to nozzles.

Speciality of the machine is so unique that it can be easily dis-mantled for Cleaning by just opening the front covering.

The On/Off Switch is easily reachable by operator for complete Control.


Pesticides Bottle, Pharmaceutical Bottle, Textile , Cosmetic Items Like  Talcum Powder Bottle, Books & Stationery Like Playing Cards, Mineral water, Food Products Like pickle bottle, Soap & shampoo Bottle, Gift Items , Welding rods , Etc

Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine



Filling Range

100ml - 1000ml

Can Fill

Bottles , Pouches


10 - 35 Bottles/min


1 HP


520  x 620  x 750 (L  x W x H)

Approx. Weight

120 kgs