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L Sealer

Features of Semi-Automatic L Sealer:

L Sealers consist of “L” shaped Nicrom filament for cross sealing and side sealing of the Shrinkable film.

The Basic function of L Sealer is to Cut and seal the Shrinkable sleeves of various sizes depending upon the product.

Best Part of the L Sealer is that the products which is packed using L Sealer looks very neat & eye catching as there side of the product is having trimmed seal, fourth side & top & bottom without any seal.

L Sealer is mounted on Castor wheel which providers easy mobility.

L Sealer comes with quick and easy changeover film.

L Sealer is available in manual as well as semi- automatic.

Semi-Automatic L Sealer is used for fast production as the has to just concentrate on cutting and sealing.

After Cutting and sealing is done the conveyor present in L Sealer carries the product to the shrink tunnel.

Type of L Sealer:

Applications of Semi-Automatic L Sealer:

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