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Impulse Sealing Machine

Features of Impulse Sealing Machine:

Foot Operated Impulse sealing machine is ideal for pouch sealing.

As the sealing is controlled by foot , the hand is free for feeding the poly bags between the sealing jaws.

These Foot Impulse Sealing machine are low in cost and relatively high production.

Foot Impulse sealing machine comes with one heating filament which is used for sealing the poly bags.

The Sealing Filament is covered with Teflon coated Cloth which prevents the poly bag coming in direct contact with the sealing filament.

Sealing width in foot impulse sealing machine is available from 1.5 mm to 5 mm.

Single operator can seal the poly bags without have any special knowledge.

The top body of the Impulse sealing machine is made of Aluminium Casting and the base pedal of impulse sealing machine is made of C. I. Casting with Powder Coating.

This machine can seal, PP. Aluminium Foil, LD, laminated pouch, etc.

Accessories of Impulse Sealing Machine:

Applications of Impulse Sealing Machine:

Farsan, Food Items, Pharmaceuticals, Pickle, Auto Parts, Paints, etc.

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