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Flow Wrap Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine, Flow Wrapping Machine manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkatta, Haridwar, Hyderabad.

Flow Wrap Machine

Features of Flow Wrap Machine:

We owe to the manufacturing and production of Flow Wrap Machine that are precise, reliable, high quality and can be used repeatedly which will effectively reduce the maintenance cost. Our company leads the market of production and supplies in the whole world,offering excellent variety of flow wrap machines.

In the name of Flow Wrapping Machine,you will get very much effective solutions.

The reasons may be attributed to the high level of standards which definitely helps in maximizing and improving the overall productivity and performance which is always suitable for those companies that often seek for long term, effective

and durable performance.

Flow Wrap Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

Operation principle of Flow Wrap Machine:

In the initial stage, soaps are placed on the already available flat belt conveyor manually or

through the link up conveyor, which is not an integral part of the wrapping machine. Infeed lug

conveyor receives those soaps and transfers again to the wrapping film with the help of forming

folder. Three sets of rollers are there to make the bottom seal. Whenever the soaps are packed,

they are cut by the knife and cross sealed. The machines make use of the laminates or BOPP to

seal the soaps.

Special glimpse of the Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine:

Machine has got the auto feeder as its integral and inseparable part.

Chain packs or individual packs are also available.

This is well suitable for the wrapping and packaging of the detergent bars and laundry


While depending on the size, even two or more number of soaps can be packaged in a

single packet.

You can also link this machine up to the stamping machine/plodder.

This machine can be simply and efficiently used to wrap the guest and regular size toilet soaps.

Optional accessories/features

Make this machine mobile with castors

AC frequency control easily achieved with visible speed drive

Data printing unit

Product specifications

Dimensions of products packaged

Minimum – 40 in length, 25 in width, 5 in height

Maximum – 140 in length, 65 in width, 60 in height

You can really not achieve all the maximum and minimum sizes simultaneously. The client can

easily ask or request for some additional or other dimensions.

Flow  Wrap Machine specifications

Power – 440 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase 2.5 kilowatts

Speed – Maximum of 120 ppm

Special highlights and additional features

In this machine, every surface is made of stainless steel over which soaps are rolled and

transported to different parts.

Torque slip clutch is also there to save the soaps and other products from accidental

damage when jams occur.

The machine comprises of Transfer Unit Long seal to infeed the flat belt conveyor which

is further made from three pairs of rollers. You can easily get the best results by tilting

their axes.

Printed wrapper can be received with print registration unit.

You will also find the low voltage heaters to control the individual temperatures in the

safe range.

For casting structures of the soaps, the manufacturer has provided you with heavy

distortion-free facility.