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Continuous Band Sealer - Horizontal Model

Continuous Band Sealer is one of the best sealing machine which is  specially designed for high production pouch sealing machine.

Continuous band Sealer Comprised of  power On Off switch, Variable Speed DC Drive , Cooling Blower, Special Digital Temperature controller & Conveyor Belt which an be adjusted according to the pouch.

The set point of temperature in Continuous band sealer machine is kept according to the speed of band sealer and the thickness of the pouch.

The Only Accessories which needs to be changed time to time in band sealer is Teflon belt.

The pouch is inserted between the revolving pulley and it passes from hot sealing jaws following cooling area, embossing wheel and then comes out with finished sealing.

Low maintenance with easy operation.

Continuous Band Sealer is used to seal LD, Aluminium Foil Pouch, P.P., BOPP, Laminated Pouch, etc.

Optional Features In Continuous Band Sealing Machine:

Batch Coding On the Sealing width.

Nitrogen Gas Flushing Unit for Food Items.

Variable Speed with DC Drive

Electronic Counting System


Pesticides Bottle, Pharmaceutical Bottle, Textile , Cosmetic Items Like  Talcum Powder Bottle, Books & Stationery Like Playing Cards, Mineral water, Food Products Like pickle bottle, Soap & shampoo Bottle, Gift Items , Welding rods , Etc

Continuous Band Sealer - Horizontal Model